Ratanpur Ship Re-cycling Industries Ltd. was established to tap the enormous potential this industry has for our country. Until the late 20th century, ship breaking took place in port cities of industrialized countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States. This has availed the opportunity to not only serve as the disposal ground for ships past their prime but to strip the metal for our use. Thus under our green initiative we have opted to recycle the ships and use the scrap metal for steel production whose production fails to satisfy the local demand by a considerable margin.

We maintain three shipyards they are, M. Rahman Shipyard, Ratanpur Shipyard and the Modern shipyard. These shipyards are highly organized and well-equipped so that our skilled employees can properly and safely do their jobs under the guidance of our experienced managers.

The recycling of ships will also enable us with knowledge using that we are currently in the process of building world class ships which will go a long way in solving our logistical issues. We also export unused spare abroad.

We believe in taking care of our people because ultimately it is they who power our economy and fuel growth. Thus our shipyards are globally recognized as “Green peace Shipyards” maintaining the ISO standards.