Ratanpur Group started its operation in 1984 with its flagship company Ratanpur Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd. (RSRM) to meet the growing demand for high quality deformed bars in the market. The population boom created a housing crisis which led to numerous public and private construction projects, creating a greater demand for our products. The success and goodwill created by this company encouraged us to spread our wings into other markets and confront some of the many problems that plagued our economy. Thus more enterprises were established so that we can have a greater impact in the development of our country.


Steel is the catalyst of growth and development for our growing nation. Civilization itself stands on steel; our entire way of life would not be possible if not for this wonderful alloy. To help grow our country at a faster pace we began our journey with Ratanpur Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd. As time went on we added two more steel mills in our portfolio. We believe that through our contribution to this industry we can leave a positive footprint on our economy in general.

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In the last few years Bangladesh has earned a reputation in the ship recycling industry. Until the late 20th century, ship breaking took place in port cities of industrialized countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States. But due to various reasons this industry has moved to countries like ours which presents us with some unique challenges and some opportunities. Our commitment to this sector provides recyclable scrap metal for our steel mills and cleans up the planet at the same time but as always first priority is the people.

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Improvement of logistics & infrastructure is a must for the development of our country. Our port is growing in importance in the world view day by day. The smooth flow of goods from and through our country generates income of great value as well as gainful employment for our people. Therefore we have established two different concerns to improve the flow of goods from and to our ports.

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Textile exports are the single greatest source of economic growth for us. We exported an estimated $24.28 billion in 2012 alone and that figure is expected to rise; but certain areas of this vast industry has fallen to neglect. The once renowned jute, the golden fiber, is one such example our efforts are being directed to restore this crop to its former glory.

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The real estate and housing sector is now one of our main economic driving forces. It has slowly become one of the largest employments generating sectors, estimated around 2.5 million people, and contributes to around 15% of our GDP. This industry also has a multiplier effect on our economy as it supports a multitude of other industries such as steel, cement, cables, paint, glass, brick, etc. We rely on this growing sector for our housing needs of which there is a crisis especially in the urban areas. We hope to have a positive impact on this industry with a consolidated effort from our other business units.

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Despite growths in our various industrial sectors Bangladesh is still an Agriculture based economy. Although this industry employs around 50% of our workforce it contributes only about 20% to our GDP. This is not a new problem within our border, but our belief is that every problem is an opportunity in disguise and our sincere belief is that there are incredible opportunities in this industry which we can be capitalized on. To improve this sector we are currently pursuing various methods to improve the quality of our products and the lives of farmers.

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